Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hello God it's me again

Hello God it's me again:
I know you haven't heard from me in quite awhile....."WHAT" Oh yeah that was me 5 days ago cussing and yelling at you your right....but that was the sick me. The me who was sick of being sick. The me who thought life was unfair, who wished you would turn back the clock to Oct 6th 2008 and let me make a different choice that day in hopes that I don't get hit by a "WITCH" who ran a red light and hurt me so badly my life changed forever while she walked away unscathed. Yeah that was me your right. BUT this me the one who is talking to you today is saying THANK YOU. For what ever reason my last 3 days and now today have been very good days. I haven't had the headaches and I haven't had the sick tummy. So I've been a happier me, one my family and I like. I know my family wasn't enjoying the other me Heck I wasn't enjoying the other me hence the yelling and cussing I did the other day to you. I really HATED the other me so much so I wanted to END the other me. In away you did end the other me. I went to bed 5 night ago after yelling and cussing at you and I cried and I begged and I pleaded 'PLEASE PLEASE LET ME HAVE SOME GOOD DAYS" I told you I didn't like me sick all the time and I said if you would just let me have some good days I would make the best of them. You did and I have far. So Again:
Hello God it'd me again:
The good me, the not always sick me, the me who can handle the pain somewhat better than before me. and I want to say again THANK YOU FOR LISTENING AND GRANTING MY WISH. I also want to ask if  at all possible if we can keep going like this for awhile more. Everyone including myself likes this me. I'm not crabby, I'm not bitchy. I can actually do stuff. Yes your right I still have to deal with not walking very well, but I can now handle that because I feel better about the rest of myself. I am enjoying each and everyday not cowering in a corner crying. So if you please lets keep this going I LIKE THIS ME. Amen.

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