Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The day is coming closer

The day is coming closer...its a day I dread with all my heart! My beloved Pumpkin is coming to the end of his life. He is around 15 or 16 years old. I really don't remember for sure as it seems we had him forever. The biggest part of loosing him is that once again I will feel the loss of Puff. Pumpkin and Puff were the best of friends in cat world. Where one went the other followed I couldnt go to the bathroom with out both being in there with me. AND BED whoo let me tell you Puff was on my head and Pumpkin on my feet. When Puff died Pumpkin took over the job of sleeping on my head. When I was still able to sit at my desk and desktop computer I actually had to have a second computer chair for those two to sit in. And when I would be relaxing in my recliner or on the couch I had two furry babies right along side of me one one either side. When Puff died Pumpkin looked so lost I wanted to get another cat right away.  Mr Gab vetoed that idea. It was 7 months after he passed when Mr Gab himself brought home Lucky. Pumpkin didn't like him at all!
And it took almost 4 months for them to become friends and be together not as close as Puff and him were but close enough. Now that Pumpkin is getting to that point neither cat wants anything to do with the other. In fact I have to watch Lucky because he will hurt Pumpkin on purpose. I know his passing is part of life but I hate it.. 100% HATE IT!

I have entertained the idea of when he has passed and I have done my grieving I will think about instead of adding another cat I will add a dog.

We used to always have 2 dogs 2 cats at the same time before. Then we had to downsize when we came to care for dad. Now as we get into our next phase of pets I think 1 and 1 would be a great idea.

I love my pets.....they arent just pets to us they are our kids our babies our lives. We just cant see our life without a pet in it. And so it goes One door closes another opens.
I just wish I had more time

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