Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I don't understand

I am just a little unhappy right now. and I guess pissed off. Mr Gab and I had gone out last year to buy a F150 pick-up truck and ended up with an F350 his dream truck. we paid it off this year so its all ours. Great I am happy. EXCEPT I'm still driving my Durango that is falling apart. I have to put in power steering fluid every day and oil ever week. The muffler is loud and we've already been pulled over for it. So today I started to look for a new car. I found something I like (well ok I seen something I might like because I've only seen it online) Its a 2006 Cadillac Escalade 4Dr AWD
and Right now its something I think I will like to drive. and it's cost is only $4,000. more that what we paid for Mr Gab's truck! But he's upset that I want that kinda car. He wants me to stick with something like another Dodge Durango. I like my Durango but good grief why can't I have something I want for a change? Last time I got the exact car I wanted it lasted 3 months because we hit a deer and totaled it. So yeah I want to get another what I want kinda car. Doesn't mean we are gonna hit another deer with it does it?

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Walker said...

I would like the Escalade to but don't they use alot of gas lol.
Personally i would love a Hummer, hey maybe Mr Gab will let you have one of those LOL