Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Good Bye old friend

This week hubby,youngest son Tim,2nd oldest grandson Aaron, and 3rd oldest grandson Jeremy(Aaron's brother) started tearing down the house in South Dakota.
This is a far as they got when a guy from town came and made a deal with hubby. He would tear down the rest of the house, get rid of debris and fill in hole all for the measly cost of all 5 of my tractors.
Oh how I cried. Loosing my tractors is almost as bad as loosing my house. 2 John Deere tractors that are really worth a pretty penny.............if they were restored! But thing is hubby and I have no time to restore them. Nor the money if we had the time. Then hubby called after the deal was made and guess what? Some one had stole some parts off the tractors! ALL OF THEM!
Well the guy still wants them so the deal still goes through. This has been really hard on Aaron as well. He came to live with us in this house when he was 2. This is kinda his house too. His oldest brother Tj was already living with us when he arrived. We did so much together, delivered newspapers to our side of town. Walked to grocery store pulling wagon with Aaron in it then had to put Aaron on top of all the groceries because we didn't have a car, grandpa had only car we had and he was a Over the road trucker and he picked up his truck in Sioux Falls, SD which was a 3 hours drive from our house, so he took the only car we had. Then when we did get a car it was a car that every time you sat in it you weren't sure if you were gonna fall straight through to the ground. The kids and I played beauty shop in that house. We had "fancy dinners" the 3 of us even fancier ones when grandpa came home! They got pooh and tigger while living there. They each had their own cat and the cats looked so much alike couldn't tell which was which! Had our first family Thanksgiving there where everyone could actually sit at same table! (except kids lol they were at kid table)
So now I have to figure out Do I rebuild? Do I sell? What do I do? I loved that house more than this one that we have lived in for 34 years. 5 years in SD and 1 year in apartments = 40 together!
And this house has history behind it.
I think I might have mentioned it before. But one of my dad's old girlfriends lived in it. Right after we moved in dad came over for a visit and he was I like I know this house I've been here before He walked all over the house and outside and said YUP I KNOW THIS HOUSE! Then told me all about the girlfriend who used to live here. Then that night I meet that girlfriend! Small small world!
Good Bye Old friend. I loved you more than any other house I have lived in! and this is tearing me apart!

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