Saturday, December 15, 2007

Sat Photo Hunt- small

Photo hunt this week is Small. Well, when you see baby Lj with Mr Gab..aka grandpa he looks mighty small.

And of course, me when I was small.

And this photo makes me cry each time I see it as the day before my hair was down to my knees and then on a dare I had it cut. Boy what a mistake.


SignGurl said...

Awww...that picture of LJ and MR. Gab is just adorable.

You were/are such a little cutie, Gab!

barman said...

Aw they are all wonderful. Gotta love the one with Mr Gab and LJ. That is just so cute. And then your pictures are wonderful. You certainly were a cutie. Even though you hated to cut the hair, it really must have been so much easier to care for. I do not know what you looked like with long hair but that last picture you look great.

PowersTwinB said...

Hi Gab! I loved the photo of Grandpa Gab with the little guy! and youre a brave brave woman to post your grade shcool photos! lol..sorry I am so late getting here...this snow blows and I havent been near electricity! lol...try and stay warm! Becci

Walker said...

They are small but man do they grow fast lol

Little Wing said...

What a proud grandpa!
And you were a cutie pie!