Thursday, December 20, 2007


This probably should be on the Jackassery Blog but.................

So ok, here I am.....the grandma and the babysitter and I didn't even know my grandson now has 6 teeth! 4 on top and 2 on the bottom. The last time I had checked he had 2 bottom teeth and two were working their way in on top. Well today he bite me and Owww that felt like more than 4 teeth!
So I looked. And seen......more teeth. SO I told Mr Gab, and he says I know where the heck have you been? Ummm here, I think. SO I text my daughter and she's like yeah I know they have been there a few days now didn't you notice them? Ummm gee I guess not. Now I feel stupid.
No it's not because this past weekend I was sick. No it's not because it takes him to bite me. I just didn't look! And why did he bite me? I guess because I haven't been saying Oooooohhhh look teethys, let grandma see those teethys. (yeah I know teethys is not a word but go with it)

We finally got our Christmas decorations up. Tree, a few tabletop and outside ones. We didnt do as many as we usually do. I'm afraid that I have been very tearful these last few days. I can't explain it but I'm really down and blue this year. Maybe it has something to do with being broke yet again.

I did go to the Doc's this week......(did any of you catch the fact that I keep saying the wrong date?) I thought it was the 16th but alas it was more like the 18th. All he could tell me was stay on this med for another two months. So well I guess that's all.



Little Wing said...

Gab, so sorry you are feeling blue, you don't need a Blue Christmas!
Please feel better soon!!!

barman said...

I bet feeling blue is how you missed the teeth. Once the holiday season clears I am sure you will feel a little better. You have been a good little girl this year. Maybe Santa will bring you something extra special like some better health. Here is hoping for a wonderful new year.

Anonymous said...

your not the only one feeling blue sister dear i have been to so your not alone.
ever since moms passing christmas's has never been the same for us not matter what we do.
and it leaves us feeling blue.
i know how ya feel i am going through the same thing.

SignGurl said...

Gab, I hope you are feeling better.

Walker said...

I have found that the Christmas season starts of slow and low then builds upp to a party.
Usually preceeded with lots of booze.

Teeth grow fast dont they LOL