Thursday, March 29, 2012

All news all the time

Well lets see what is the news here at this end? Hubby dropped at very large and very heavy tv on his feet not once but twice and the second time he tore off the toe nails on two toes which now are infected!


Then finally yesterday our whole ordeal with my dad's estate is finally over I got my check for 871.70 that should have been closer to 20,000 plus. But you know when you go to court you gotta pay the lawyer and the court fees and whats left is what you get weather or not you wanted to go to court or not. so of course you lose money. I cant even begin to tell you how upset and pissed off I am about that.
But its too late and I gotta take what I get. So as I take the cashier check to the bank I sat in the car looking at the check and realising that that is what is left of dad's stuff. All I have are the memories some good most bad but memories they are. I cant seem to go one day with out saying "Oh dad used to" Or "I remember when dad and I" and the one I love best is when we go down a certain road and pass a certain building and I say" that's the building I sold all the tools back to the guys when I was 5 yrs old" "and I made tons of money"
And of course the best memory is we are driving down any road and I yell "FLY WHEELS" and dad would slam on the breaks say where I would tell him and he would either turn around or back up till we found the fly wheels and of course stop. Now depending on your age you may not know what fly wheels are but way back in the olden days they used gas engines to do all the work like cutting wood and pumping water. there are two big wheels one on each side and dad called them Fly Wheels! So as we drove from any where going who knows where I was the look out for Fly Wheels. and when I saw them I would shout Fly Wheels and dad would go back to the place I seen them and talk to the owner about buying the gas engine from the people where we found it. We usually came home with another gas engine OR on the good days when I found 1 set of fly wheels they would have more in a barn or shed or behind some trees that I didn't see. then dad would try and buy them all and usually he did. At 1 point in time I think we had over 300 gas engines. Dad would take them to shows, Not all of them at one time but he'd pick four or more and put them in the van and on a trailer and go to the engine show. That is where I fell in love with the Rumely oil pull. I still want one. I like the other steam engines but the Rumely is my favorite.
Another memory is going to auctions. Dad usually bought the boxes no one else wanted for 1 dollar. And of course there was always some other box or two that dad paid much more for. and of course clocks and engines!!!! OH MY YES we also had over 300 clocks. all old. Dad even had some guy go to England and buy 3 clocks from there. I have one of them. dad let me take it home before he passed.
So there ya have it some of the good memories. I wont bore you with the bad ones.....I will just say they are some dad's should never do to daughters!

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Walker said...

They say the memories are priceless but some cash would be nice to but it seems the vultures get the juicy parts