Saturday, March 10, 2012


yes I sure have!

It all started when we went out shopping for a new toaster. We went to Target to see what they had. Mr Gab was looking at a discontinued one and I'm like no that's what we did last time, and look what happened. I walked up the isle a little farther and said OMG look! Mr Gab came up to see what I was looking at and I said Purple toaster!!!! He looked at it for a few seconds and then put it into the cart. I said Hun you don't have to get the purple one just because I like it (after all they had blue(another of my favorite colors)red silver and black). But he said it's ok. So I had a purple toaster made by Oster. With some really cool settings....defrost for when your bread or whatever is frozen, etc.

I had received a Fingerhut Catalog in the mail and had been looking through it and seen they carried Paula Deen Pots and Pans and guess what they had them in PURPLE!!!

SO Mr. Gab and I got on our laptops and started looking for Paula Deen's Items to see who had them the cheapest. won again.
They had a 10 piece set (the others had 12 or 15 piece sets which was either measuring spoons or some utensils) All I wanted was the pans. So Mr. Gab said order them. So I did.

Then I called daughter who had just seen the toaster that morning and said she wanted one just like it because she is a PURPLE freak too.
She's like pots and pans in PURPLE too OMG I gotta get me some, where did you find them......(I shoulda lied) But I told her. A few minutes later she txt me to tell me she had bought both toaster and pans in PURPLE to which I said COPY CAT!!!!!

I can't wait to get my pans. I already have a square frying pan from Paula Deen but its in RED. And I love it!

I guess I never thought about what color my kitchen is to kinda match it but hell I'm not staying here much longer so when I get to my new house I can redecorate the kitchen to match my toaster and pans!!!!

update......I still have my annoying cough. I guess its time to go in and be checked out. Little man (youngest grandson) has terrible ear infection in his left ear. And while we are dealing with that his tube came out of his right ear. Yesterday I was changing the cotton ball we tape to his ear to catch the fluids that are pouring out (doctor said its normal) and I looked in his ear a bit and what do I see? His tube coming outta that ear! So unfortunately I think when he gets over the ear infection they will put the tubes back in. Poor fella!

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