Monday, March 05, 2012

My poor little grandson

Has suffered so much in the past week, He has my cold (which by the way is still hanging on)then yesterday he started to vomit a lot. and all day long. Daughter took him to urgent care only to be told its viral infection. SO she went home and made him comfortable as possible. But by 11 pm he was still vomiting which is weird since he hadn't eaten all day and she decided to take him to ER. SO she calls me up which wakes me (even though I had just gotten to bed) and asks if she can drop the the other 3 boys off and have me take the oldest two to school while the third one waited for her to get her because he had a doctors appointment at 9am. So ok I wait up for them and they get here at midnight and I get them right to bed reset the alarm to 5:45am and drop into bed. And found I couldn't sleep for worrying about Little man. Daughter shows up soon after that and asks me if I could take Little man back to the doctors because at 4 am that morning his ear started leaking fluids and she talked to the nurse and they said yes he needs to be seen. So I take him in and she says yes his right ear is red even though thats not the ear leaking then she looks at the other ear and says OMG that one is really bad and there was still alot of pus in the ear. So she gives him some ibuprofen and then orders up two medications. Both needs to be taken 7 to 10 days. we got home and both drifted off to sleep mine to get disturbed by the 2 older boys asking where I was ( it was almost 2:30pm and they had been out of school for 10 mins)So I quick went and got them. When little man woke up he really had fluid (a little reddish too) coming out so I text daughter asked her to call the nurse and ask if that was normal. She did then text me back and let me know it would be draining like that for 2 days and he wouldnt be feeling better foe 2 days as well. UGH.

In the mean time hubby has been (almost begging) me to go to the doctors for my cold. I keep thinking it will get better all on its own but right now as I sit here coughing up a storm I am actually thinking maybe it is time to go in and see what they say. my thoughts in that??? UGH

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Walker said...

That's a brutal infection.
We all had it here and i go it twice for some reason.
I think you should go to the doctors to if you have it for to long