Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Our grandson moved out earlier this year. Oh how I cried, and cried. You know this is the one we raised since he was a baby. He's 18 now and yes I know its time for him to be on his own. BUT he's not finished with school yet so I didn't want him to leave just yet. 
well, things were going along we were talking to him and every now and again we would have to either go get him and take him to work or pick him up from work and take him home. Now taking him to work wasnt so bad as that was usually early in the afternoon around 2pm. BUT going home at night was after 11pm and we were usually in bed by then.
One day he was visiting me and he goes he would like to come back home and Im like ok. and he was like but there will be a visitor. and Im like ok. and he said a dog. UT OH grandpa doesnt want any more animals! Period! So I said ok well your gonna have to talk to grandpa about that. Well we went to lunch and he went to the bathroom and I quickly call Mr Gab and I told him. and he hesitated. and I'm like but honey I want him home. We then hung up.
Grandson came out and he took my phone and he texted his grandpa and told him he wanted to come home but he had a dog that had to come too. Grandpa texted back and said "your welcome to come back at any time you want I love you and the dog can come too." and Grandson texted back "good to know Love you too" and with that grandson moved back home the very next day.
and with him he brought Bam Bam
A choc lab pit bull mix.
Bam thinks he is a lap dog. and Mr Gab is the lap he likes! Mr Gab is a softy for our grandson. and the dog. We don't like the fact he is a Pit Bull. but he seems to be a good dog....grandson rescued him from some abusive people so Bam is a little skittish and he gets a little over excited and pees but other wise he has moved in and joined the family with very little problems......well Ok Lucky and Waffles don't like him But what cats like dogs? Well they do after they get to know each other but so far they are still in the growling stage!

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Walker said...

i have 4 cats and a dog (Australian Sheppard)who now thinks he is a cat too