Monday, January 21, 2008

Eeny meeny miney mo

Wow I actually have two post running around my head and I was really having a hard time figuring out which one I wanted to post first. So eeny meeny miney mo it was and nowwww.........


I cant swim, and I'm afraid of water:

When I was little my mom told me over and over "it only takes a teaspoon of water to drown" so I was so scared of water that I wouldn't even fill the tub to take a bath. Instead I would run the water and squat in front of the faucet and wash myself that way. I would then flip over lay in bottom of tub and put my head barely under the faucet to wet my hair and wash it hopefully with out getting water in my face. When I did I'd freak so badly that several times I gave my self terrible black and blue marks. To this day even taking a shower I try not to get my face wet and when I do I have to grab a towel and quickly dry my face so I don't get water in my mouth. Yet when I help my grandson take a shower and water gets in his face I only tell him "It's only water it won't kill you!"

I owned a Mini bike and a trail bike when I was a teen.
But I've never drove a motorcycle or really ridden on one. Where as my youngest sister has a license to drive one. I was such a tom-boy!

I can hammer and saw almost as good as any man.

but I'm scare to death of handling power tools. I've seen what can happen first hand and its not a pretty sight.

I can't stand being sick and when some one else is sick I get sick if I try to clean it up.

yet I worked as a nursing assisant for 4 years cleaning up old people.(both ends)

I graduated High school But my learning level is closer to a third grader.

I hated school, and most of the teachers passed me just to get rid of me. I was a real pain in the butt. This is one reason I'm extra hard on my grandchildren to learn all they can while in school. I learn something every day.

When I laugh to much I......

snort then if i keep laughing I wet my pants. Its embarrasing thats for sure and fortunally it's only happened at home!

I'm sure there are many more interesting things but for now I will leave you with these. Hope you learned (or maybe didnt want to but did LOL) something more about me!


G-Man said...

Uh Gabby...?
By sick you mean puke?
No puke talk Gale..xox

barman said...

Wow how did I miss this post?

It is amazing how people can be affected by the simplest things said. I know people that never drove because of things people said when hey were young. They were afraid to drive. It was not until they were much older that they learned. I have a boss at work that made a remark to a fellow programmer that we can probably get rid of this one program he wrote and he said then we can get rid of programmers. I do not think he meant anything by it but now my coworker is all worried. People really should be careful what they say. I can not imagine being worried by water. That is a shame but I love what you are doing with your grandson. Good for you.

I have only been on a motorcycle twice, never driving it. I have never had or been on a mini bike or trail bike. I bet that was fun owning one.

You can hammer better then I, I am sure of it. Power tools you just need to be very careful is all.

I am so with you on being sick, not fun at all. I find it hard keeping things down when someone does get ill.

It is a shame teachers pass kids on like that. But you know, you are much smarter than you give yourself credit for. Maybe not at some of the book learning but don't discredit how smart you really are.

Fortunetely I do not share what happens when you really start to laugh. Although I can laugh so hard I find it hard to breath or it really hurts.

I learned a bunch. You can never learn to much about someone else... well maybe I am mistaken on that.

Walker said...

I think you may have started this post earlier on and just posted it now with the date of when you first started writing it.

I can;t stand looking at puke either and would send someone else to clean it up.

When I was a kid I was scared to try and swim and never did until I was 40 when I went to the YMCA and took a swimming course.
I didn't see the Village People there though.

Thank you for the little extra glimpse of you

Little Wing said...

Gab thanks for the insightful things about you!
We love you just the way you are!

SignGurl said...

I loved getting to know more about you. These are all great things that make you Gabby.