Friday, January 25, 2008

Sat Photo hunt- Old Fashioned

This weeks Photo hunt is old fashioned. Well way back in the olden days they used these gas engines to pump water, saw wood among other things. This one is a Fairbanks & Morris engine. We need to do a lot of work on this as of yet. My dad also has one but his looks nice and shiny almost like new and dad's runs where as ours is stuck. Some day when we get time Mr Gab wants to put this back into shape and get it running.

I borrowed this picture from a guy at an engine show. This was also used in the olden days, plowing fields. But the reason I love this picture is because it is an Rumbly Oil Pull. And this is something I covet. Oh how I want one. If you have ever been to a steam and gasoline engine show and have heard one of these putt putt putting away you might understand why I like it so much. The other steam engines also have their own sound but I dont care for their sound like I like the Rumbley's. Maybe some day my dream of owning one of these will come true but for now I look at many pictures that I have taken or borrowed over the years.


Flip Flop Floozie said...

Hey those are some old old things too. Don't think we have that BIG of OLD FASHIONED things here well....I take that back..We are both big and Thanks for coming by. Sandy

SignGurl said...

I love the BOOM of the Oil and Gas Pull tractors. You are right, there is nothing that sounds like them.

It's so cool that we have this in common.