Friday, January 04, 2008


Went to ER night before last because of sore throat, and bad cough. And what do they say I have?
Ear infection in left ear and Pink eye in both eyes!! Be back later


barman said...

Ear infection makes sense as that can lead to problems with sinus which can lead to raw throat and coughing if it gets in the lungs. Oh GAB, I hope you are on your raod to recovery. Fell better soon.

SignGurl said...

I hope you are able to rest and take care of you, Gab. Hugs!

Little Wing said...

Glad you took care of it!!!
Now get better!

Walker said...

Oh I had an ear infection once and its can cause all sorts or things to happen.

I hope you get rid of it soon and don;t stand alot.

Take care