Wednesday, January 23, 2008



Hey everyone I'm on my way back to recovery.
I'll make this short as I know you wont want to hear all the details.
You remember that it all started a few weeks ago with ear infection and pink eye?
Well from there I had a bad cough and sore throat which turned into strep.
And I just haven't been feeling like me.
My hair is falling out big time and a stupid nurse says its cause I pull it back, with a hair binder. Ummm yeah!
Called my doc again and she says its all the meds Ive been taking and next week we are going to see what ones I can do with out. (remember I was taking 4 now I'm up to 7 8 or 9 with meds for being sick)
So Hopefully starting today you will see more of me. Hope you enjoyed my hump day joke!


Manny said...

Yikes! I've been gone awhile. Feel better sweetie.

SignGurl said...

Lack of protein will also make your hair fall out.

I lost mine twice in the last year due to having two surgeries.

Feel better soon!

BTExpress said...

I vote for the meds too. One things for sure, no ever tested what ever the 7,8 or 9 meds your taking together to see how they react with one another. My dad's doctor kept adding meds to his list, because of all the problems he was having and he started acting weird and his personality even changed. He got a new doctor that cut his meds by 2/3's and he was back to normal in no time.

Get well soon.

barman said...

Good for you. If you can get rid of as much as possible you will be so much better off.

G-Man said...

Jesus Gabby...
Next to you I feel like Jack Lalane!!
Get better...xoxox

Walker said...

That is alot of meds.
I hope you get it all sorted out and feeling better.

I gave up my meds 9 years ago and I can remember my name now.

Little Wing said...

Gab, glad you are doing better.
Hang in there!

Peggy said...

I have enjoyed reading your blog! Thanks for stopping by my goat blog. We now have 13 goats! and 4 of those are pregnant so I am walking the floor waiting to deliver kids. LOL. Hope you are feeling better.