Thursday, August 14, 2008

My pain.

Wow what a big cat! lol

This is Pumpkin holding watch over me. When Puff was alive both cats would sit either under my chair and sleep or up on my bed, where they could keep an eye on me. Now pumpkin has to get right up there on my desk and yes in my way sometimes. As you can see he's laying in front of my scanner and my screen. In fact it looks as if he may even be laying on top of the key board. That is nothing new. Many times I'll be doing some thing and all of a sudden zzzzzzzzzzssssssssssssssssaaaaaaaaaaa go across my screen. I then have to move his butt or the keyboard. It is more easier to move the keyboard than him!!!!! I find myself reaching over every so often to give him a pet.


SignGurl said... cute!

barman said...

Pumpkin just wants to say he loves you is all.

If that is the worst pain you have then life would be good. Hey, maybe you can have him play with "the mouse."

BTExpress said...

Seems like all cats like to get in the way.

Walker said...

Frick is the same way now that Emme is gone so I have a chair next to me for him and I pull out a slide on the desk that is used to write on or frick to sleep on