Friday, August 15, 2008

Photo Hunt- colorful

I havent done a Photo hunt in a long time but this weeks the hunt is for colorful! Well let me tell you this picture is colorful!!!! To say the least. I look at this picture and wonder who in the heck dress them? lol Bad mom bad!!! These are my 3 kids when they were very little. From the very left of the couch is our youngest son Tim Then our oldest son Jack and our daughter Tonya. Now take a really close look at our youngest son. See some thing interesting? No ok let me show you in a different picture. Now mind you our youngest son isnt a blond any more.

Doesnt he look like his uncle? Makes you wonder will he still be blond when he is older?


TiOheM said...

They're cute.

barman said...

So how am I suppose to know about his uncle? No fair!

Yep I think that is colorful indeed. I am guessing the boys were especially colorful growing up. They always are something else ... I should know as I grew up as one.

Nice hunt picture.

barman said...

Haven't seen anything from you in a while. Just checking in on you. I hope all is well for you guys.

Walker said...

My dauter was blonde when she was born and her hair now is black errr well its green but was black origionally LOL