Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Come on your kidding me right?

So you all know that Ive been separating all my money lately, and Ive got one jar that Ive labeled "funny money" money that's from other countries.

Well.....the other day I had to take some money to the bank. So I counted enough change to make $100. with the bills I had so that I could just make it even.

I went to the bank and told them I needed to deposit some money into my account and that I was sorry but I needed to use some change to make it an even $100.

Lady said to me no problem. She went into the other room and dropped the change into a machine to count it out and came back, and then handed me my receipt, and 2 nickles.

I said I need those nickles added in to make $100. and she says I'm sorry we don't take Canadian money.

You what I asked her?

We don't take Canadian money.

If you a bank don't take Canadian money who does? I asked

Oh she says just use it when you buy groceries, they have to take it.

Well my grandson just happened to have a dime so I had her add that to my account to make that even $100.

Then I went into the store and bought some little items that I knew with what cash I had plus the 2 Canadian nickles I would be able to pay for it.

BUT...........................I get to the counter and hand the lady the money and she says "I'm sorry we don't take Canadian money.
I laughed my butt off and said but the bank told me you did.

She tells me sorry no do I have any other nickles?
I tell her no and I'm sorry but I don't want the groceries I had. and I walked out.

My grandson asked me "grandma what are you suppose to do if the store wont take them either?"
Good question I tell him.

I stopped at McDonald's to get a drink for the two of us cause we were hot and the total came to $3.10. Hot dog I thought I'm getting rid of those Canadian nickles.

But you guessed it. I handed her the money and she tells me I'm sorry we don't take Canadian money.
I told her she was going to have to keep the drinks as I didn't have enough money.

So I added them to my "funny money" jar. Maybe some day I'll get to Canada and be able to use all my "Canadian funny money!"

Hope your week is going well!


barman said...

You know I oculd understand this mentality at one point when the exchange rate between Canada and the US was something like 75 cents American to 1.00 Canadian. But not the Canadian dollar is worth $1.05 American so that coin is actually worth more than an American counterpart.

From what I remember before it was the Banks that refused to accept the money and as a result the stored refused to take the coins too.

Do you have a paper boy you can pay the funny money to. Or maybe a lemon-aid stand or...

This is just sad. Banks should HAVE TO take the money. Oh well.

Walker said...

You just come uop here and we'll take all the Canadian money you got and any American money to.
The banks here take money from any country with a smile and a percentage LOL

SignGurl said...

Isn't that ridiculous? We don't have many problems pawning off our Canadian change here in Michigan.