Monday, July 28, 2008

HEY.......NOT YET!!!!!!

When I go to the drugstore I usually go through the drive through to get my pills. But yesterday I decieded to park and go in.
After getting said pills I did a little walk around. I went straight to the seasonal isle.
But heyyyyyyyy wait.........................................
back up here. Yes there are some swimming stuff. Yes there is still chalk for drawing on sidewalks, but where are the windchimes? WHAT????????????
NO CHIMES? at all? so we walked the whole store and no windchimes! any wheres!
Now wait just a minute. Isnt this only July? And isnt July still considered summer? But in the place of windchimes were.......................BACKPACKS! This of course made my grandkids unhappy. Well only one really, the oldest cant wait to get back to school.
But Im not done with summer yet. After all we had so much of that cold weather back in June that it was hard to think summer had started with out me. Dang it! lol Have a good week!


barman said...

Don't you remember them selling winter coats off cheap in January and starting to sell swim suits in February? They just got their calendar all screwed up. Don't go visit a Hallmark store... they haev most of their Christmas ornaments out already. They do it every year in about mid July. Go figure.

I am not ready for summer to end either.

bookbinder said...

Damn stores are always a season a head. I'm just getting used to the warm weather, so am no where near ready for the start of school season.

G-Man said...

You must have been at Rite-Aid!
Walgreens probably has them..

gab said...

LOL nope g-man it was Walgreens!

Anonymous said...

yep its that time again why stores are always ahead i am not sure and i work at one lol.
but i'll be glad when mine go back

Walker said...

I think spring and summer went on holiday.

They are already clearing the summer stuff and putting up the autumn stuff already,
Time flies when you're trying to keep warm