Tuesday, July 01, 2008

A little birdie

Told me there is a Birthday today.
So in true Gab form:


and many more!

Yep it's Barman's birthday go wish him a happy birthday here: http://bryanscorner.blogspot.com/

And then yes you are all correct. In 3 days its my birthday. And no and I didn't forget....I know C's is the very next day and I figured that he would want his own recognition.
My Nephew C's birthday is the day after mine (July 5th) It is so cool to have birthdays so close together like that. (But C watch out you know auntie Gab will probably embarrass you!)

Hope your having a good week.


BTExpress said...

Before I forget, happy birthday Gab!

The problem with having birthdays so close together or very near Christmas, is that many parents just lump the days together, so the kids don't have their own special day. At least that's the experience with many people I've known over the years. My step brother's birthday was Dec 26th and all my folks did was save a present or two for him. He said it was always like that for him.

G-Man said...

Thanks for reminding me Gab...
Have a great holiday...G

barman said...

Tony, I know someone with a birthday on December 25. They celebrated her birthday on the 25 and Christmas on the 26. So it can get worse. I pity those people. Of course she was an only child so she did well anyway.

GAB, thank you so much. You are super. Guess what, a former blogger has a birthday in there too. Remember Crabby. Her birthday is on July 3rd. Someone I work with has a birthday on July 6th and I think another coworker has a birthday on the 10th, or was that the 18th. Yep, July is a pretty fun month. I will wait to wish you birthday wishes until probably just before your birthday. I think we will be celebrating my birthday almost all Friday (on your birthday) so I may not have a chance than.

Thanks again, you are the best GAB.