Friday, July 25, 2008

Tis the day

Why is it when you do something every day that one day when you actually look at what your doing you all of a sudden freak out?
In the morning I get up feed my cat and then go to the bathroom. I then brush my hair and wash my face.
But wait a min......who's that in the mirror? That person has more grey hair than I do. And many more wrinkles.
She looks more like ..............OH MY GOD she looks more like my mom or grandma than me. Oooh no I'm turning into an old person!
Ah yes the days are a coming. I have to go to the bathroom more often. I creak when I stand up. Never mind the fact that my back was hurt 12 or so years ago it hurts to stand up straight. My hands are some wrinkled old persons hands. When did I get so old? In my heart I don't feel old. I feel just like I did at 20, Young and carefree. Well maybe not carefree but young at least.
I could use a face lift but heck I don't like surgery so I guess I gotta get used to this one. After all Ive had a double chin since I was 5 (family trait) so what if I added another chin? lol
And if I'm really worried about grey hair there is a thing called (dying it). What was that commerical when I was younger? Only her hairdresser knows for sure!
Ahh the good ole days where have they gone? As I watch my grandchildren struggle in this new world of technology, (hey they actually get it better than I do!) I often wonder what new stuff they will get in their future. and will they too at some time in their lifes say "oh god I remember when my grandma had one of those things"! I can already say that about my own parents for crying out loud. My mom had a wringer washer when I was little. I think it was about 6 months after my sister D ( she's the handicapped one)was born that my mom finally complained to my dad that we needed a dryer because D was a handful and mom just didnt have the time to wash with a wringer then go hang them outside. So dad said well if we are getting a dryer we might as well get a washer too. Thats how we got both. ( fooled ya there for a min didnt I? I was talking about washer then jumped to dryer and back to washer)But that was the way my mom got dad to buy both. She figured that if she complained of the washer he wouldnt do anything. But because he knew how much work it was for mom to carry the clothes outside to hang up and all the attention D needed that he'd be more willing to get a dryer, instead we got both. Then a month after we got them D went into the hospital and was there for the next 4 years. In fact D came home the same day as mom brought our new baby sister C home from the hospital. Now that was a day. Mom wsa showing D her new baby sister, when D hauled off and hit her in the head! (I guess she wanted all the attention) Mom handed baby C to me to calm down while she talked to D about you gotta be nice to the baby and not hurt her. Ah the memories. I hope someday my grandkids will sit back and say ahh the memories we had with grandma and grandpa.

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GrumpyRN said...

I've decided that the grey hair at my temples are my go-faster stripes, not sure what to do with the ones on my chest - and no I am not waxing. Found a grey hair on my forearm the other day, who put that there? As for the rest, still feel much the same as when I was 18 but now I hurt a bit first thing in the mornings and I no longer lift patients at work.