Tuesday, July 08, 2008

checking in

Well I've been very busy. But let me see if I can catch you up ......

As you know Friday was my birthday. I got up and did NOTHING! Then later in the afternoon we got ready and drove into MPLS to the Metro dome, to watch the MN Twins. This was my birthday present from my oldest grandson. After the game we started for home when everyone said"I'm hungry!" So we drove over to IHOP and went in. Now there is a guy who works there and he knows us all very well and he also knows when its my birthday. SO I said to the Hostess " Please don't sit us in So and So's area or we will get up and walk out!" (wasn't sure what she was thinking at that point.)
We sit down and our waitress seems overly friendly and happy. She was treating us like she knew a secret and we didn't. As our meal progressed I caught on that he told her it was my birthday, so I said" what ever he had told you its a lie." And she like about what. And I say about today. And she's like Its Independence day. And I'm like Ya I know he told you something and its a lie. And right then and there my 9 yr old grandson goes It her birthday! I'm like MAN!
So you guessed it they got the ice cream and came and sang to me. Well then the guy I didn't want to sit in section comes over and tells me that the Hostess at the door who sat us is his X wife! And she came right over and told him what I said about not wanting to sit in his section. (you also have to know this guy is also one of our daughter's x b/f)
Now ain't that a kick in the rear? The hostess is his ex wife! I couldn't win if I wanted to. I told him that's why I didn't want to sit in his section because he knew what day it was and I didn't want the fuss. But I got it anyways!
Other than that these last few days we have been trying to catch up on all the laundry. Remember that I was not taking blankets, sheets and quilts to the laundry mat? Well some how that stuff mulitplied! So far to date we've done 15 loads of clothes and still have 4 left to do!!!!!
Hope your week is going well.


Walker said...

Don't you just love people who are forced to sing happy birthday to you at the restaurant. And the sing like they ODed on valium.
At least you got to go watch a game :)

barman said...

Glad you had a decent day for your birthday. I don't like the fuss at restaurants either but someone must or else why would they do it. Sorry about the multiplying laundry. Mine does not multiply but my friends and my sisters do so I am all to familiar how that happens. Scary thing I tell you.