Sunday, July 13, 2008

What are you interested in?

Many of you know I sell on E-bay. I sell what I call piddly stuff from around the house. Some of the stuff is brand new.....I got from someone who either forgot I'm allergic to fragrances or I got two of same item. Other stuff is stuff I love but need to downsize if I'm ever gonna move to FL!

But my weakness is going to this E-bay Page:

(ok Ive tried to use the link thingy at top of page to get the link to work but not working so please cut and paste)

This is my brothers E-bay page. And this guy knows his antiques! (he better he's been in the business for years . Even had his own shop)
But then his smart little sister said "hey why don't you sell on E-Bay?" Well first he didn't have a computer. SO Mr Gab built him one. Then we took it to him. Then he said I don't know how to use a computer. So I taught him. And I showed him how to get on E-bay.
So my brother started on E-bay And soon he took all of his stuff outta his store(he shared it with another guy who may have been helping himself to my brothers profits)
And now my brother is selling full time on E-bay. He's been at this about 8 years now and he says he has made more money on E-bay than he ever did in his store.(again he might have made more but who knows for sure)
And of course is little sister has given him a lot of her money!(just keeping it in the family) And no I don't resell what I buy from my brother! But E-bay can be costly if you buy to much stuff. But it sure is great when you get a really good deal. And if your looking for antiques My brothers page is one of the good ones to go to.


Walker said...

I have been shopping on ebay for years and find if you are careful you can get better deals on there than in some stores.
I don;t sell I just buy and I have bought from all over the world

SignGurl said...

I've never bought anything on eBay. I'm trying to get my dad to sell his antiques on it.

barman said...

I have not sold on eBay yet but I am to familiar with buying. You need to know what you are doing. If you do than you can do OK. I have seen people pay more for an item on eBay than it would cost in the store since they were all caught up in bidding. The thing I love about eBay is I can often find things there that I can not find anywhere else or at least I can not find locally. Glad everything is working out so well for your brother. You are a good Sis. So, do you get a commission? :)

G-Man said...

I gotta lot of stuff to sell, But I'm way too much of a pack-rat..

BTW...How do you sell a 1/2 a bottle of Tabu?

hehehe xox