Thursday, July 03, 2008

Happy belated birthday to Crabby

Well I missed it......Another blogger friend had a birthday today. (July 3rd).
I was sooooo busy sleeping most of today away, that I forgot to get on here.
So anyways Happy Birthday to Crabby.

And yes its here its official.....................................................IT'S MY BIRTHDAY! Yes that's right 4th of July!
I came in with a bang!

Now let me say this one small thing. I love the fourth of July just live every one else does. Not only cause its my birthday but all the other things we celebrate our country for.
But here's the thing.........................................I'M GETTING SICK OF THE FIREWORKS HERE IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD!

Nothing like going off to sleep to have some wise guy light fireworks somewhere close by that makes the whole house shake. I swear I jump every time. And I swear that they are lighting them right next to my bedroom window. And I worry about a miss directed something or other landing on our house or garage and starting a fire. Now mind you I know this stuff can happen.

I remember the year Mr Gab and I hadn't been married long and we went with my parents out to SD to our farm. My dad always bought loads of fireworks to shoot off. Well this year Mr Gab was helping my dad. And what do you think happened? Yep that's right one fell over and literally followed Mr Gab almost hitting him in the head/back. I yelled duck and he finally dived to the ground as the rocket flew over his head just inches away. When he got back to the car he showed us his shirt where there were little tiny holes every where from the sparks hit. That's how close it had come to him. I didn't want him to go back out there but he did. For some reason I never worried about my dad like I did Mr Gab. Maybe because dad had been lighting off fireworks since I was a baby and I just didn't worry because he seemed more experienced at it. I don't know but that was one scary birthday for me.

So Every one please be safe not only on the roads but if your out watching fireworks don't get too close and if your lighting some off be careful.



Walker said...

Wow so the whole country celebrates your birthday, that's cool.
My friend Arch has his birthday on Canada Day and the Government sent him as they do everyone who is born on July first a check for each year Canada has been a country.
This year it was $141.
Do they do that there to?

Have a Happy Fourth Of July

Walker said...

Gezzz I should comment this early in the morning, CUZZ I forget half of what I should say.


GrumpyRN said...

It's now the 5th as I write this but will still be the 4th where you are, so Happy Birthday to you.

SignGurl said...

Happy Birthday, Gale!! Hope it was a noiseless one for you.

I have those jerks lighting fireworks under my window too. I'm wearing earplugs to bed tonight

Have a great one!

Anonymous said...

happy belated sis sorry i missed your birthday did alot of running around and i had to work and i have to work today and tomorrow to hope you had a good one.
xoxoxoxo c