Saturday, August 09, 2008

Public Service Announcement

I know that if I heard something that I thought might help others out I would be sure to blog about it. But what if you heard something that you just were not sure about? What if it sounded like a crock? Do you still blog about it?

Well to answer my own questions,Yes I will blog about it and you tell me if its a crock or just give me your opinion.

Yesterday Mr Gab and I were watching some TV. Not even sure what channel we were on but what we heard shocked us.

It was a Doctor telling us some of the things that could cause Alzheimer's.

One of the things was if you went to the beauty parlor and got your hair done.(they said every week or bi-weekly)
another was if you got your nails done on a regular bases(recommended by salons are every two weeks)
Well now that caught my attention as I get my nails done (not as often as they say I sometimes go 4 weeks before I get them done again due to money).

So now what do I think? Well I do believe that going into nail salons the smell is very strong especially if they are quite a few people getting their nails done all at the same time. If there is only one or two people its not so bad. But the smell is awful. Could the chemicals they use play a part in you getting Alzheimer's?

This Doctor went on to talk about other hazards but at the same time he was "hocking" his book. So is it possible that going to get your hair or nails done that you could be endangering yourself to an early on set of Alzheimer's? Well I'm just not sure. But why take a chance? And as for telling all my blogger friends well lets just say I'm doing my part in a public service announcement just in case there is any truth in it.


barman said...

Was this one of the half hour infomercials? I bet it was. I take those things with a grain of salt.

It seems possible that it could make sense. But at this point I think they know what seems to be present when people have Alzheimer's but they do not know a whole lot more. At this point why not say drinking water does the same thing. I mean all those chemicals they use to treat it.

My search on the Internet did not find anything much but who knows, maybe I missed it. I guess if you enjoy doing your nails than I would not give it up. We need to live our life after all. But maybe you can do something different like go early or late or when ever it is less likely there will be a lot of people there.

Anyway I get that way when I see those infomercials. I think they are a doctor and they wrote this book. They must know what they are doing. Well I am not so sure that is true. I have done the same thing myself many times. Do they really know what they are talking about ... who knows.

Walker said...

Maybe its because it feels so good going to the salon you forget to go back home LOL