Saturday, September 06, 2008


Elections drive me nuts. All the mud slinging all the he's better than he is bla bla bla. Each person has his good qualities as well as some questionable ones. But I really get annoyed when one says well this guy did this in his commercial and within a half an hour we have that guy saying almost the same about the other guy. SO what does that mean? That they are actually both guilty of the same thing? And the thing that bugs me the most?...........My name is.............and I approve this ad. OMG of course your going to approve it. Weather its good for you or not(mainly good cause why would they put something bad about themselves on air?)I know there is another reason they say it they say it just so they let you know that they know whats being said about them. And like I said why would they put something bad about them selves on air? But don't ask me why but it just bugs me. I guess its all this stuff that they all do just to try to get votes. Now I'll admit I wasn't going to register to even vote this year but after reading some of the reports and getting some emails from friends I think I should go and actually vote this year. After all its our right and we women fought to vote so why should I not? I'm really glad they only happen every 4 years. But let me tell you something no matter who we vote for some one some where will say why in the heck did I vote for him? Because usually some time down the line the person elected will do something that will have the whole country talking about. and its not usually good!


barman said...

I have things I do not like about Obama and McCain. I just want it all to be OVER... PLEASE.

I think the reason for the I approve of this is because there are those special interest groups out there that do ads for the candidates that the candidates are not even a part of. I do find the whole I approve thing actually kind of funny.

And yes, you can not trust what the candidates say. They will do the very same thing. As a matter of fact, I watched on candidate does the dirty deed and then say we should run a clean election. Sure, they already did the hack job on their opponent and now they say lets not do a hack job on each other. SLIME! I have several people running locally that fit 100% in the slime category.

Does pumpkin want to run for office?

Walker said...

I think they should make them mud wrestle for the presidency. I want to wartch the VOs go at it.
My money is on Palin ;)