Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Questions but no answers

So as I sat yesterday watching the Jerry Lewis MDA telethon, I thought to my self wow he's been doing these telethons for a long time and he's getting old. I wonder who if any one will take over the telethon for him when he passes. Or will Jerry's kids be forgotten. With all the money he has raised for Jerry's kids its amazes me there isn't a cure found already. After all, these telethons have been going since I was a kid.
I love watching Jerry doing his thing for his kids and when I can donate, I do. But it scares me that the fact these have been going on for years and they still haven't found the answer and he wont be here forever. What will happen to those kids who mean so much to Jerry?
Then I put that aside and went to the fair.
Now that was a fun thing ........(not!!!) Weather was 90+ yesterday there was some cool breeze every now and again.
We were invite as guest of our youngest sons girlfriend who said she was paying for everything.
Well that was partly true. Another friend of our sons also went and he paid for some stuff.
And then at one point we had to pay (with money we didn't have!)
But all in all it was a fun day. We took 3 of our daughters boys with us. youngest son had his 3 boys. So it was a good day. I took precautions so not to get burned but I still came home with some very red spots(that I forgot to cover with lotion).
I think Mr Gab and I had sunstroke or at least heat stroke! We came home collapsed and basically went to sleep. By 8 pm I got up told the 2 boys who live with us to go to bed then told Mr Gab let' s go to bed. By 8 20pm we were out! All of us. which was good because the boys had school today. I also Had to have a friend drive us over to school for J's orientation of Kindergarten, which he starts tomorrow. And Little Lj comes home from daddys tonight so grandma will have him tomorrow. I wont quite be alone once the 3 boys go to school. But thats ok. I can deal with it!


SignGurl said...

It's been hot here too. Glad you had fun despite everything.

Walker said...

I think i have watched Jerry Lewis' telthone since the beginning and I to wonder why they haven't firgured it out yet.
I am sure that aspect has hit Jerry the hardest.

He has always been on of my favorite comedians and actors for a long time.

Its been hot here to. Its almost like mother earth has decided to give us all of summer in two weeks so we stop complaining lol

barman said...

Ah the tellathon. One can only hope some day they will come up with a cure. But look at some other thiangs. They eradicated it more or less. Still other things have no cure in sight. But you would think with how far science has advanced just since I have been around (1957) that all those smart people should have figured out something.

Glad you had a mostly fun time. I was out camping all weekend. When I got how I collapsed for a few hours. I guess I am not used to being outside for so long.

Oh boy, back to school.

GrumpyRN said...

You guys must be getting our heat, we are now officialy into autumn (fall) here and so far the year has been a washout, cold and wet. But being British it has given us all something to talk about.

BTExpress said...

Medical research is very expensive, so therefore, a very big business. I was thinking that if the researchers (in any medical field) discovered a cure, they'd be out of a job. That would trickle down to every segment of the medical community (including drug companies) putting A LOT of people out of work.

Now I'm not saying they would deliberately hide a cure, just wondering.