Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Well yesterday my youngest son started out this conversation with me.
"I don't know if I should tell you this or not,you'll get mad"

"Too late hun, you say something like that you might as well tell me"

"Well S said she is pregnant" "But I don't know how she can be cause we haven't done anything"

"Well if she is you better get a DNA test"

"Well she wont tell me how she thinks she is and I can't ask her right now she's at work"

And bla bla bla.

Then this morning I get a text message from youngest son:

"It's true"

So most of today we text ed back and forth about how he hasn't been very responsible and he already has two of his own kids plus her other kid that calls him daddy and how hard and expensive it is taking care of them. And I ask what the heck does he think a new baby will do to his expenses? (He pays her child support and barely gets by with whats left afterwards).
He was so afraid of what his dad was gonna say that he kept telling me "Dad's gonna kill me"
But Mr Gab had two optimistic things for that.......1 being its another grandchild for him to love and spoil,(after all they are all pretty much grandpa's kids) and 2 maybe we will get another granddaughter!!!!

Either way as soon as we know when the due date is I will tell all.....LOL.
I guess congrats are in order!


BTExpress said...

She pregnant, but they haven't had sex? Yet it's his kid? What am I missing?

gab said...

BTEXPRESS: Your guess is as good as mine! But I figured someone was lying!

Walker said...

Yeah but is it his?
You started off saying they haven't been doing anything.
You can't get knocked up on spit you know.
I think............ok maybe I checked