Thursday, September 25, 2008

Now we know

The baby is due May 27th! She is 5 weeks along today!
There are many mixed emotions. Son says he didn't sleep with her. Yet she claims its his. And I think she is right. WHY you ask?
Because son text ed me just this morning and tells me everything was already bad (between them) and now this. SO I tell him you went to health class.
He says not funny mom.
and I say well you already knew how u felt about her and yet you went ahead and took chances.
His responds?(now this is what makes me know its his baby) Thanks for the cheer up!

Ok sorry hun. As much as I'm not happy about it either I have excepted that I will have another grandchild.
Oh Oh you say... "Gab's not happy"? Why?
I will tell you why.
As much as I love babies I think that because they were already having difficulties with raising the 3 boys they have(his two her one) and that they are always complaining how much stuff cost to buy for the boys. And this ever changing world in which we live now and all the crap happening on Wall Street plus the economy being bad I just don't think another kid right now is the way to go. They have 3 boys that is a good sized family. Plus the fact that youngest son is always putting his sister down for having four boys. (which we all know grandma cares for during the day while mom works)Thing is she is a single mom. He has his girlfriend to help raise the boys. Our daughter only has us to help her.

So with all that in mind no I don't think they should have taken a chance. And yes to some point I think they were careless and thoughtless. and again he went to Health class he knows what he's suppose to do to not get this way if he didn't want the problems he's facing today. (cover it up with that latex thing)

But again like I say a new baby is on the way and grandma and grandpa are happy about it!
I just hope they all get with the program and be happy. Things always happen for a reason.


BTExpress said...

Sound like he's the dad. But, if he still insists it's not his, then try hard to get him to take a DNA test. They sell kits in the drug store for under $100 including lab fee. (I just checked) If he refuses, then you know who's lying and congratulations grandma & grandpa!

G-Man said...

Gabby...Just what you need eh?

SignGurl said...

I was wondering about this after your comment on FaceBook.

Walker said...

There will always be room for one more. Its the way it always is with family