Monday, September 15, 2008

Im up

if you have just eaten, plan on eating or are eating at this time please read this later! Otherwise skip ahead to rest of my story.

So I'm up. My head is clear but my nose is still running and all the gunk going into to my throat. And I'm trying to clear my throat constantly because I can't swallow it down so I gotta try to bring it up so there I am going gack gack gack. (well ok it sounds worse than that but how do you describe something so disgusting?) And sooner or later I finally bring it up. I have gone through 3 boxes of Puffs (with lotion)! I really am glad that I didn't develop a cough with this. The watery eyes, runny nose and scratchy throat along with aching body was enough!!

So Ok now we've dealt with that lets get on my original blog.

I was sitting in my chair Saturday morning,watching TV and reading my book. Oldest grandson's coach had picked him up for practice, Mr Gab was asleep as was grandson #2.
I noticed a car pull up at the end of our driveway and stop. My first thought was grandson was home from practice.
Then I noticed the car was black (coach's car is silver(grey)) I looked to see what he was doing when I noticed he had a camera and was taking a picture of the back of our daughters van! So I got up went to the door and went out. Where he promptly started to drive away. We live on the corner and he was turning onto the side street when he stopped and took another picture. Now I started out towards him and he took off like a bat outta heck!
I went and told Mr Gab and he said did you get his license plate? I said no he took off before I could.
NOW here's my theory of what this guy was taking pictures for.
Theory #1: We are behind on house payments and they want to see what they can take to make up payments. Well the jokes on them cause that's our daughters car and it doesn't run!
Theory #2: Her van has been sitting there for 3 months and hasn't moved an inch. Well not quit true cause it was down the driveway more, grandson and I pushed it forwards more so it was higher in drive. I suppose someone has complained cause if you look under the front end you can see the battery sitting out plus some odd tools that Mr Gab left sitting after he looked at it the last time.
The thing that bothers me either way is what ever happened to a persons privacy? I mean really now why in the heck do they have to come take a picture? If it's theory #2 and someone has complained to the city then why don't the city come look and talk to us about it? Why send someone to take pictures? And if its some one who thinks they are gonna get money from us by using the van as colloratial, well then they just wasted a lot of time because like I said its not our van! Poor daughter has this nice van that she is making payments on monthly but she cant drive it cause she doesn't have the money to have it fixed. last con senses was the motor is froze!
And worst part of all...she is having trouble with her station wagon so she borrowed a friends car to deliver pizza's Saturday night and she had her first accident ever.
Here is what her friends car now looks like! Poor daughter is really is having a very bad run of luck since she moved out on her own!
Hope you all are having a good week.


barman said...

Sounds like luck is following your around... bad luck that is. It sure is creepy to pull up and snap pictures of your property. I suppose they are probably not breaking a law but it is a good way to piss someone off and who knows where that will lead. At the point it won't be like they were in the right for being creepy. Good luck with that and for heaven sakes, see if you can not get some good luck coming your way.

BTExpress said...

That first part sure made swallowing my tomato & cheese sandwich interesting. Hope your feeling better.

The picture taker is weird.

Walker said...

Wow she is having a bit of bad luck.
I don;t think its theory number two because the city wouldn;'t run away or send someone to take pictures.
They'd send the cops or an inspecter.
I think its most likely number 1 unless someone was shopping for parts LOL