Monday, October 15, 2012

Do we need new cars? yes yes we do!

These are our cars.......One picture is of both cars together can you see the rust? Then I took one of where it has finally made it through the back door (yes that is a hole all the way through) where the grandkids get in and every now and again they like to stick their fingers in the hole. The one of the back of the pickup THE BIG HOLE is just an indication of how bad it is and how we really dont dare put anything in the back. The grandkids love to climb in and we are forever yelling NO! LOL we really want newer cars after all these are from the 1900's!  I love saying that now it makes it sound like they are reallllllly old! Mr Gab tells me I gotta say they are from the 1990's . But that doesnt sound old at all.

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