Tuesday, October 30, 2012


You know my last post seemed to be such a downer. I didn't intend it to be I was just pointing out all the stuff that seemed to be going on that all seemed to be ....well not good.

I am truly thankful that I wake up every day. I still have lots of difficulties walking and I will for the rest of my life as that is what happens when your in a car accident.
Speaking of car accident this year marks the 4th year since it happened. And we are finally settling. We took 20,000. Now I only get 1/3 of that because of course the insurance company has to be paid back and of course the lawyer needs his cut. It sure doesn't seem fair that I only get 1/3 of that money when I'm the one who suffered.
Now here's the thing that really bothers me.....Here in MN there is a No Fault Law. You can sue up to 50,000. Now I tried to get more than the 20,000 but the adjuster said NO because I went to physical therapy to much for a "soft tissue injury". But does this adjuster realise that I was sent back to physical therapy because I was having trouble standing and walking? Because I was falling on my face for no reason? Because I cant stand at the stove and make a dinner? or load the dishwasher? or even do a small sink load of dishes? NOPE I guess he don't really care! and my lawyer didn't seem to really want to work for me either. We wanted to go to court and really push for that 50,000 but as the lawyer explained even if I won that 50,000 I would end up with less than what I'm getting with the guarantee 20,000. I say you should have worked harder for me and then maybe what I pay you would have been worth what I do or do not get.  So either way I got crapped on. Because not only do I NOT get enough money for future doctor appointments which by the way the doctors are now talking about surgery on my back because my feet are curling at the edges and I seem to have lost control so they think there is a nerve being pinched that affects my feet(Surprise.....NOT) So that will all come out of my pocket, I still have trouble walking....lets put it this way I REALLY CAN'T! my legs start to shake if I walk to much or basically to far and next thing I know Im on the ground. I rarely leave the house because I get embarassed when my legs give out and I'm on the floor. Although Mr Gab has been coaxing me out to dinner once a week. I use a scooter when I grocery shop but if I don't have someone else with me to get stuff I can't reach, pack the grocery bags and load the car then its useless. So I usually leave the shopping to Mr Gab. On the other hand since I can't even cook a meal, lots of times we don't eat or we have sandwiches or maybe order in. Either way this SUCKS BIG TIME!
I still am trying to figure out how the adjuster thinks a soft tissue injury is something you can say well Im sorry but you've  gone to physical therapy too much so I am not going to reimburse you? I thought you were suppose to go to physical therapy to get better?  Ah well I guess they just want to save money and they will screw the person who needs it the most..........funny thing.........I follow the law and get hurt.....she breaks the law and gets what? I wonder if she ever feels guilty for running that red light? I wonder if I went to her house and showed her what she did to me by running that red light if she would feel bad then? Of course even if I did it wont change a thing. Might make me feel better but it wont help me walk!

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