Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Not a techie

I don't do smart things with my computer. I'm not a techie.....I do basic simple easy to follow things...that I usually mess up at some point or another. My daughter's girlfriend on the other hand can do all sorts of stuff with her web site and makes everything look so dang cool. SPEAKING OF COOL......
she also can do nails! And get this SHE HAS NEVER GONE TO SCHOOL FOR IT!
That's right never! and SHE ROCKS AT IT. Now Ive tried unsuccessfully to add her to my links on the side bar only to get just her name but not her web site.
I'm gonna type it here to see if it will come up for ya because you really really need to see the work she does. IT IS AMAZING.
and yeah she is my daughter's friend and yeah I like her alot but that is not why I like them I am really truly amazed at what she can put on nails. she makes her the nails look like art. You know the kind where you go to a gallery and walk around looking at pictures! Yeah they are that good. One she did was of candy corn. Now imagine this if you can you glance at these candy corn and think oh cool I'll have some then look again to realise they are some ones finger nails all painted up. That is how good they are. And she is doing a contest with some other gals and these other gals are good as well but ya know Jenn's nail's POP thats the only way I can explain it they stand out and are so cute! Any ways enough of that bragging hehe let me give you that link see i you can pop over and look for yourself and then while your there check out some of the other nails being shown off! All I can say is every one is very talented and I want mine done!

Well I cant seem to add so try www.JenerallySpeaking.com

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Jenny JenerallySpeaking said...

Gale - you're the best!!

You made me all teary eyed! :) I love how supportive you are of my "art" its a great feeling!

I'll email you the code you need to add my link in a text document - then you can copy and paste it in when ever you want!