Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Prayers are needed

This is Weds. By Tues I had so much bad news that I wanted to crawl into a hole and bury myself.
The first thing I learned on Monday was my mother-in-law has cancer and they are going to be doing surgery Nov 13th removing a large mass. I really love my mother in law and this broke my heart. I was hoping to be in Florida this year to spend more time with her but we just can't seem to move forwards.
Mr Gab, was so upset that he went around ranting and raving about things from the past that really no longer was important but because this was something (last thing) he expected he had to figure out a way to blame her. He's mad at himself of course but he didn't want to admit that.
On Tues. we learned our oldest son who had sliced his fingers down to the bone had infection in his hand and needed to be hospitalised.  So I was freaking out about that is he gonna lose his hand because he didn't follow directions? And of course he wasn't letting me in on anything so all I could do was wonder and read some of his post of Facebook.  I finally got him to tell me (hopefully truthfully) that his hand is ok they might have to open it and drain it (Ick) and right now they are forcing lots of antibiotic's in. Now I happen to know a little about infections because Mr Gab had an infection in his knee and I watched it move fast up his leg. So fast that they were scared (at the hospital no less) and they forced some antibiotic's fast into his system to try to head it off. After it was all safe they told us the antibiotic that they used usually is dripped slowly that that sized bag takes two hours to go in. They put 2 of those bags in in 30 mins. that's how scared they were.
So I really hope our son isn't hiding any thing from me. "sigh" Please pray for them both!

On to the good stuff.........

I finally got the link over there on the right side for Jenerally Speaking to work! So now you can click on it and go right to her Blog!!!!!

And I suggest that you go over and visit her while she is doing her Halloween "nail" contest. Oh heck even after the contest visit because this is one talented lady with doing nails! SO far she has blown me away. When I get my nails done I usually stick with a very light pink color something that doesn't stand out much.......BUT HER NAILS ARE SO GOOD SHE MAKES ME WANT TO HAVE MINE DONE JUST LIKE THAT TO SHOW THEM OFF! So go check out her page and see what she has come up with I will guarantee that you wont be disappointed.

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Jenny JenerallySpeaking said...

You're all in my thoughts. Poor J - he just can't seem to catch a break. I hope everything gets Ok and then Stays Ok. <3

PS - Thank you for the link and all of the awesome compliments. You're going to give me a big head lady!