Friday, October 26, 2012

I'm a little worried

Well they drained our oldest son's hand but it's still not doing good. He has an appointment with an infectious doctor. Our daughter went to see him tonight at the hospital and said hes on a floor that some doors are red tagged but his is not. NOT YET any ways.
She also said it doesn't look that great either. She is even worried.

Then  finally  Mr Gab called his mom today. One thing he learned was she is having her pace maker replaced next week. His sister kinda acted like it was a no big deal surgery. He told her any surgery is a big deal surgery but even more so for an older person. After all his mom is in her 80's.

I am so glad he got past all his anger and talked to her. If he hadn't he would have never forgiven himself.

I have been dealing with a stupid hole in my mouth that wont heal. And pain pills aren't helping it none. Do some scrapping......yeah ok maybe sales and open our own shop yeah I can do that. So ok we have a few ideas.

 here is Our son's Hand
But first I have to get past the goings on with our son and my mother-in- law.

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