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and many more.

and many more

And so today  is the day. Oct 16th! 
On this day in 1974 our oldest son Jack Jr was born. Our first born baby. Our son.
Ah what a day.
It started out bad and got worse.
The night before he was born I had made gizzards. Now I don't like gizzards But Mr Gab does. So I made them for him. As we sat there he says try just one for me please. SO I tried one. I burped that thing up all night it made me sick. The next morning I was still not feeling well and I was now having bad pains. We decided to go into the hospital. They tell me I'm in labor. So ok. Thats great a little earlier than the due date they had given me but I'm not complaining.
They were hooking me up checking me and then the nurse says OMG. She rushes out of the room and soon her and the doctor come back in. The doctor prods and pokes and listens and then says "ok young lady we are going do an ultra sound to see just how this baby is sitting." I go ok sure. 
So they do the Ultra sound then come back and say ok well there is good news and bad news.
So now Im freaking bad news? Bad news no one wants to hear bad news when they are giving birth to their first born. 
" The good news is the baby is trying to get out just above your left leg so we are going have to pull the baby back into place to be born." WHEW not that I really knew what the hell they were talking about but ok.
"Now the bad news" I wait " we also did the altra sound because we kept hearing what we thought was two heart beats" TWO OMG Now I'm freaking two, ......two babies? UGH I've only got stuff for one.
"But after doing the ultra sound we seen just one baby and he has hic cups. So its just one baby"
Oh Oh ok one ok thats better I didnt have a name for two babies. 
I mean I wasnt even thinking straight. Finally after all day labor I finally have a baby.
Now I dont remember much. But Mr Gab says I was swearing a blue streak. And some of the nuns left the room because I was so bad.
I don't even remember it. Then comes the recovery room. Im in and out. I lost a lot of blood. They have to give me a blood transfusion. I over hear two nurses talking. One says She wanted that baby boy so badly. the other goes Yeah I dont know how they are going to explain it to her that it has died.
I'm hearing this and thinking they are talking about me. Now I freak I wanna see my baby. They dont want to bring me my baby. I say bring me my god damn baby NOW.
So they got and get him and show me the numbers match show me that he has all his little boy parts. ok so Im calm and can go back to sleep. 
I later learned a lady was in a car accident and she had lost her baby that they had tried for years to get pregnant. I felt really bad for her. But I also knew those nurses should never been talking in front of me. 
My next 3 days at the hospital I had an Iv in one arm and a blood transfusion in the other. I couldnt even hold my baby. In fact I had to give them permission to bottle feed my baby because I had so much drugs in my system I couldnt breast feed. Ah the day I went home was the best day of all. I finally got to hold my baby and I wouldnt put him down for NOTHING!

Oct 16th 1978
I am now expecting our 3rd baby. we have one son and one daughter. I thought our family was done but well I guess we were not.
We started out the day I baked our Oldest son his birthday cake.....he is 4 today. It is sitting on the stove cooling before I frost it. Mr Gab comes home from work and we go shopping. This is the year that a lot of the little kids are picking out their own birthday presents. So we are gonna let Jj pick out his own present. Baby Tonya is 18 months old and Im due in a week. 
We are in the store and Jj is looking over all the toys. Im not feeling to good. In fact Im having pains in my back. All of a sudden my water breaks and I scream OMG we gotta go NOW.
So we yell at Jj to just grab something we gotta go now. We dropped the kids at our babysitters and go to the hospital. When we get there they look at my record and see two births two blood transfusions so now they want to try blood plasma before having the baby. I say ok lets try it. After all I would like to be able to hold one of my kids right after they are born. So they do the Blood plasma first.
I pray this baby goes past midnight so that he or she is not born on the same day as our oldest son. Please I ask god please.
My prayers were not answered. Our youngest son Timothy was born the same day as his older brother just 4 years later.
Well ok now how many big brothers can say they got a baby brother for a present?
But this birth didn't go as easy as they expected either. Oh yes I did get to hold this baby right after he was born. I had the IV but this time I did not have a blood transfusion in my other arm.
On the night before I was to go home. I went to the bathroom and almost fell. In fact I didnt make it back to the bed. They came in checked me and ran out. Soon 5 doctors were in my room and they were all checking me.  My legs were hot and swollen. They sent me for test. I had massive blood clots in both my legs but my right was worse than my left. Now I cant get out of bed PERIOD. and going home was a NO WAY IN HELL.  I ended up being in the hospital for 15 days total. and then when they sent me home they really didnt want to. Timothy ended up being bottle feed because mom couldnt do what she was suppose to do. He was the oldest baby in the nursery by the time we left. and he was spoiled by the nurses. By the time we got home I had to hire some one to help me and holding baby Timothy was on a timed bases. 

Happy Birthday boys. You made each of your birth days intersting for me. And all through the years we've had many more ups and downs but I guess thats what make life life right? LOL
I love you both. 

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