Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I have about three things I wanted to write about but good golly Miss Molly I just cant decide. So I think what I'm gonna do is try to compress each into shorter versions so to do all three.

Wow what about this weather? I don't know about you all but here in MN we have had cool weather for several weeks now. In fact the weather has been so cool Ive still been wearing a sweatshirt. The good thing about this? We don't need the A/C. Oh how nice that is to save money in one area.

Ive always wanted to write a book. Don't ask me why but Ive always thought I could do as good a job as anyone else.
I read alot. I started with what my dad calls "smut" magazines. My mom called them romance magazines. I also read Western paperbacks, romance novels, mystery novels, and scary spooky novels by Stephen King. I always figured I could make mine a romantic(hot ands sexy) Western novel with a little spookiness included.
But alas I settled for blogging.

Still don't have a washer. Still missing Puff. Finally getting Pumpkin to eat again. Getting this house in some kinda order now that daughter and two grandsons have moved out.(although I still see them everyday as I still babysit all 4 of her boys). Wanting more than ever to move back home to South Dakota.

So there ya have it compressed all into one short blog. I mainly did that because I didnt want to bore you to tears. lol Hope your having a good week. Oh and Happy hump day!


Walker said...

The weather is just down right freaky.

Cool, maybe you can write a book as a hobby and who knows what could happen after.
I have read alot of westerns and own every Louis Lammour book ever written and probaboly another 3-4 hundred other westerns.
Ok I am a big western fan LOL

gab said...

OMG walker I love love love Louis Lammour! You have great taste!

SignGurl said...

I hope your weather is better than ours has been. I feel like Dorothy in the Wizard Of Oz. You can't believe how there are trees that are 2 feet around that are completely uprooted. Scary stuff.

Stay safe!

robinslife said...

Absolutley write the book! you are like your mom when it comes to writing. The weather . oh well we live here in the land of mosquitos, lakes and all and it is natural. but not seen the last couple yrs..
and last but not least lay with pumkin cat and comfort. she will love you back.. And with smiles..


barman said...

Hey come up with an idea and write a chapter at a time. I bet you could write your book. Now you may never publish it but I think you will find that you are very happy with yourself for accomplishing that.

The weather we had was crazy. As Sign said Wizard of Oz was a very good description of things. It has been going on two weeks since the real bad stuff and they are still cleaning up the mess. I had a huge evergreen fall next door. Luckily it is pretty much open property so it did not hit anything. I was without power for 36 hours which means I had some spoiled food but if that is the worst of things I sure can not complain. Now things have turned much more cooler but not as cool as where you are and here summer is just about to start.

I hope your weather has improved.