Sunday, June 08, 2008

Ooops I forgot

Last week Monday my nephew graduated from High school. He graduated with top honors! Sure glad he didn't take after me lol. Gosh I'm so proud of him. Mr Gab daughter , kids and I were there to see him get his diploma. In a second he was there on stage walking across and then it was done! he was now outta high school. And it seems like just yesterday when he was born. His brother who graduated last year is in his first year of collage was home for the summer. These two boys mean the world to me not just because they are my nephews. Oh no we are close like mom and sons. I think its because their mom and I are super close. I spoiled those boys rotten and always said I was practicing for when I had grand kids. So by the time their sister was born I did have a grandson so now I had to split the spoiling. I still spoil her just like my grand kids and she too means the world to me. She had wanted her ears pierced and I said I would pay for it only if her mom said it was ok. Mom agreed and the three of us went off to pierce her ears. I had to be stern with her and tell her she had to take care of them because she said she was old enough to do it and I had better not hear of mom had to this or that for her. She said she would and she surprised me and did as told!
So now my other boys are done with high school and both are going to collage and Oh my that just make me feel older than ever! Why? Because this is my baby sisters kids!


BTExpress said...

Congrats to the nephew!

A Life Uncommon said...

Awww... congrats to your nephew! I'm going to be so teary eyed the day my 4 year old nephew graduates from H.S!

barman said...

Yea, moving on in life. I just hope he not only does well but also takes the time to enjoy life too. You only pass that way once, best make the best of it.

Walker said...

Congrats to your nephew !!!
You're not older they are just growing to damn fast LOL