Thursday, June 19, 2008


A name is a name is a name and call it any thing else and its still a name.
And boy they sure have some different ways of nicknaming some.
Like we have Robert....he can be Rob or Bob
Steward can be Stew
Richard can be Rick, Rich or even Dick
Cassandra can be Cassie, Cass, Sandra, or even Sandy
Abigail can be Abby or Gail
But the one that I dont understand is Jack can be called John and vise -versa.
Take my name It's Gale but most girls spell it Gayle or Gail but no I get stuck with a man version spelling like the wind. (now granted it kinda fits since I talk so much and am long winded)
And what a bout a girls name being Jackie? We dont call her Jack.( she would probably hit you if you did)
But no matter what the name its still just a name.
I'm just glad I was not born during the 70's when some poor kids got name weird names because their parents were part of the "free" times.
Hope your all having a good week.


SignGurl said...

This is a pertinent post. I have known women named, Charlie, Toni, Bobbye and Joey. All of them received notices in the mail warning them to sign up for Selective Services.

I never understood the John/Jack thing either.

BTExpress said...

What can they call you besides Gale? I guess only Gale.

Walker said...

It all goes back from when Jack and jill went up the hill and Jill hit Jack over the head with the bucket for messing with Mary Mary who wasn't so contrary LOL

barman said...

Very interesting post. Funny, reading this post now knowing what I know, it kind of has a George Carling ring about it. In case you did not know the comedian, George Carling passed on yesterday. Any way, I love this post.

I know one person (indirectly) called Ciera or something like that. Not sure how she spells it. I kinda like the name although it was kind of a new name to me. What got me was when I found a few guys that had that name also although I am sure spelled differently too. I am so confused.

Then there was this one lady I met that worked at CUNY (City University, New York) who spelled her name Randy which is the way guys spell the name rather than Randi like girls usually spell it. I know the one time we were at a week long conference and she was in the dorms on a mens dorm floor because of the way she spelled her name. That did not stop her from using the mens community bathroom. Maybe she was a guy after all.

Names, very interesting.