Saturday, June 28, 2008


What a week! On Thursday we decided to drive over to South Dakota and pick up our washer and dryer. We plain just couldn't afford the laundry mat any more and figured that even with high gas prices in the long run driving over to get our almost new set was worth the money in gas in the long run.
Well as you know we babysit 4 of our grandchildren which means they too had to come with. Now the oldest two ages 12(almost 13 in his eyes(not until Nov!)) and 9 have traveled with us many times and love going to SD.
The two youngest ages 5 (almost 6 in his eyes again! (not until Dec)) and 17 months. I expected some grief with the 17 month baby of course after all there is the diaper changes and the find his binkie(nuk) and his ba-ba(bottle) But for the other three I thought it would be a nice ride because I provided them with a two screens portable dvd player with a pile of movies that they choose.
And add one cat who doesn't like the car and off we went.
We were only 20 miles from home when from the back seat area we hear "Are we in SD yet?" are ya kidding me? The next question was how far from SD are we? We told them it was still about 200 miles to the boarder. Then we said sit back and watch the movie.
Next of course was the I'm hungry and I have to pee. So after many stops we said that's it no more stops until we get at least another 100 mile down the road. Then the fighting started.
Of course the baby not wanting to be left out cried and threw his food at his brothers.
I started to sing la la la and soon he was copying me. Very soon after that he fell asleep.
We finally get to SD and say good bye to MN and then of course it was now how much farther? We lets see about 150 more miles. We were going to the farm we didn't think we would even get to the house that day. But once we got to the farm and opened the camper and turned on the air and unloaded we decided to drive out to the house in town. Once there we opened up everything and Mr Gab had to take his trimmers and work on all the little silver maple trees that were growing in my garden. Then he cleaned up some other stuff around the house, the guy who started mowing our yard this year showed up(wanting his money of course) We all chatted awhile and another neighbor (one who never spoke to us while we lived there) walked over and talked for awhile.He wanted to know if we were coming back. We both said we wanted to but first the house in MN had to get spiffed up enough to sell. (in order for us to get a little extra from it to fix house out there)
We finally drove back out to the farm only to have a terrible rain storm that scared the baby so bad that he ended up sleeping (napping) with Mr Gab and me. He would sleep some wake sleep some wake all night long. So neither Mr Gab nor I got much sleep. In the morning we thought there might have been a tornado that had gone through the area.
We got out to the house in some on and off raining. Loaded the washer and dryer and a few other things I wanted and headed out for home. And yes it rained off and on all the way home which seemed to make the kids ever crankier.
We finally got home at about 7pm and got everything unloaded and crashed. Well we really didn't go to sleep we just plopped down in chairs and relaxed. In between relaxing Mr Gab hooked up washer and tried it out. He had to do some readjusting to get it to work(its been sitting there for 4 yrs doing nada)
But now we can wash clothes. He wont hook up the dryer for about another week but when he does I will be able to wash and dry a whole lot faster!!
So there ya have it. Im a little happier now with the washer being here and even more so that I got a few other things I really wanted.
Hope you all are having a great weekend!

Ps its storming here! Rain and lightening and thunder that shakes the whole house!

Pss Only 6 more days!!!!!


Walker said...

Tornadoes are safer than road trips with kids LOL

Thats quite the trip but you done what you set out to do so thats great.
The weather is wacky everywhere. On the walk home the other day I was assaulted first by hail then rain and to top it off some guy crapped on me.
Ok that wasnt weather but i had to put it in :P

Anonymous said...

and it happy b-day to you and one more day and happy b-day to c

barman said...

So if you make a few more trips to SD you will get all that you want so... you can move back to SD and move it all back with you. I think I see a flaw here. I hope you can get things all spiffed up so you can move. Maybe by then the market will be better for selling a house again.

Happy soon to be birthday fellow Cancerian!