Saturday, June 14, 2008

Photo Hunt-Emotion's

Ahhh it's been awhile since I could do the photo hunt but I have quite a few for this weeks hunt. Topic Emotions. I even thought of using those little emoticons but hey the real thing is better right? lol Enjoy the pics.

Grandson Aj showing off his Pj's and wow he has a helmet to match. Look at that smile.

oooh sleepy time. He can barely keep those baby blues open. Grandson Lj about 4 months old
Aww remember this one? This is when he first started to smile and I caught it. Grandson Lj at about month, month and a half old

Happy chocolate smile. What a joy to discover something new especially candy. Lj again at 6 months old

Couldn't stay awake another minute. But the best thing of all was to be in grandpa's arms. Lj at about 4 months

Bored to death and mad at grandma for taking picture. Grandson Tj at 11 years.

Mom for gosh sake put away that camera! another one who doesn't like to have his picture taken. Youngest son and I wont say how old lol.

and a big ole smirk cause I dont like mine taken either!!!!!


SignGurl said...

Gale, you have a very handsome family! Those grandsons sure are cute!

I love your smirk. It makes me smile.

Walker said...

I hate getting mine taken to.
You can imagine my suprise when Star Wars came out.

You take Great pictures

barman said...

I am terrible. When I see a camera I usually hide behind mine. But I do allow a picture hear and there. Very nice capture of emotions.