Saturday, June 07, 2008


Hi everyone, glad you stopped by. I am still missing Puff like crazy but I don't cry as much as I did the first 3 days after Puff passed.
So let me up date you a little bit.
My title for example.....
Well on Tues of this week, Mr Gab went to work trucking and when he had to get fuel for the truck he stopped at the station store where he works. T (his boss) was working and when Mr Gab came in to sign for the fuel, T said "Oh Mr Gab I'm so glad your here". Mr Gab thought Oh no he wants me to work later tonight. But T said " I have something for you." Mr Gab said Oh ok. T handed Mr Gab an envelope with two tickets to the Twins game on weds night. T didn't say anything other than there will be free food. Now I don't know about where you all are if you have specials at games but here we have nights where they have all the hot dogs you can eat in a certain section. So When Mr Gab had a few seconds he called me to ask me where section 133 was. I went on-line and found that section 133 was right behind third base. Mr Gab said that was cool. And we didn't think much about it till Weds night. We found out there were only 2 tickets so Mr Gab and I were the only ones to go which didn't make the boys too happy. So off we went. When we got there I looked down the steps and turned to Mr Gab and said I don't think I can make it. I said how far down do we have to go? The lady there to help asked to see our tickets to tell us where to go. And then she said........your in the suite. Mr Gab and I looked at each other and said we are? She said yes right over here and pointed to the doors right there on that level. I tried the door and it was locked and I told the lady and she said just knock. So I did. I noticed a sign on the door that said "Holiday" But I didn't know why it was there. Well we soon found out. The tickets were for the day that Holiday and MN Lottery hosted the big boat give away. Only 5 stores in MN did this and each of these 5 stores had gotten 2 tickets for someone to come to the game. SO Mr Gab and I got to sit in a suite and watch the game in comfort plus food and drinks all we wanted. They had beer, soda, coffee and water. The food was great as well. They had shrimp, cheese, fruits, chicken drumsticks, BBQ ribs, popcorn and chips and much more! Mr Gab's boss T never even told us that these tickets were for Holiday employees and a guest. So there were 8 other people plus us, the district manager from our area, and two from MN lottery. And our team won 7 to 5! and yeah we came from behind to win it but they did.
And then today our daughter moved out. gosh what a mess that was lol. It took her 5 vehicles to move almost all her stuff. wow the house seems empty. So now I gotta go around a figure out what I want to do with everything that I had all pushed into one room(our bedroom). I would say I will miss them but I will see them every day as I will still be babysitting them.
And this weather......Oh how good it is to have it be so very cool, until today. It sure is saving on electric bill by not using the AC.
Well I tried to find a picture for today's hunt but I just couldnt find one. Hope you all are having a good weekend.


robinslife said...

Cool Going to the Twins Game!

relax and enjoy your weekend. Peace and quiet!


BTExpress said...

This is awesome on all accounts. Yes, even having your daughter moving out. The time comes when they have to find their own way in the world. It's our duty as parents. Sure we'll miss them, but if you have had a good relationship with them, as you have, then they won't be far away. Just revel in one more bit of privacy. It won't be long before you'll be eating that up.

The tickets is so cool! Years ago my next door neighbor asked me if I wanted to go to a NY Ranger hockey games that night. Of course I went and ate and drank to excess and was hung over for two days, but it sure was worth it.

Walker said...

A gane and free food now thats cool especially when you don't have to do the cooking and cleaning up after.

Yeah with everyone gone it will be a big empty house but I bet you can make it snug and comfy :)